Enable Extension in Theme

Learn how to enable Shopjar app extension in Shopify theme to help track referrals and change designs

It is important to enable the the Shopjar app in your Shopify theme to track referral sales and render a referrer landing page and referrer portal.

To utilize the Shopjar app on your Shopify store, enable it within your store's theme. Follow these steps to proceed: To ensure availability post-installation, enable Shopjar within your store's theme.

  1. Select the Shopjar app.

  2. Find the "Enable the Afflr Extension in your theme" notification on the dashboard.

  3. Click "Enable."

  1. Copy the Shopjar key.

  2. Click "Go to the theme editor."

  3. Paste the Shopjar key and save the theme.

Alternate Method

Every time you change a theme, it is mandatory to enable shopjar in that theme. So, you can use the following method to do so

  1. Click Online Store.

  2. Select Theme from the drop-down.

  3. Click Customize.

  1. Choose App Embeds.

  2. Slide the bar beside Shopjar Referral-Extension to enable it.

  3. Copy and paste the Shopjar key from the Dashboard.

  4. Save the theme.

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