Referral Widget

his is a feature that showcases the unique referral URL to your existing customers after they make a purchase. It appears on the ‘Thank You’ page and encourages your customers to refer their friends to your store. A chat-like feature is available on the page where customers visit the store. Customers can log in to obtain the referral link, which also includes social sharing options, making it easy for customers to share the link with others.

Additionally, customization options are available for the referral feature. These options allow for easy customization of colors, text, and positioning of the feature. The position can be adjusted from top to bottom or left to right. Here are the steps to enable the reward claim Pop-up. Go to Shopify Dashboard -> Referral -> Branding and Popups -> Enable the referral widget

Customization of Referral widget

The referral widget offers customization options. These options allow for changes to color, font, and text style using the custom CSS feature.

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