Send important Email notification to your Customers using Shopjar

Admins and customers will receive email notifications for the following operations in the referral program: Here are the steps to enable the Emails for admin and Customer(Referrer & Referee).

Go to Shopify Dashboard -> Referral -> Emails -> Enable the all Notification

Admin Notifications

Notification after referral sale (send after referral successfully driven sales) When a sale is made through the use of a referral link, thereby bringing sales to the store, a notification is sent to the store's administrator.

Customer Notifications


  • Notification for the referrer: A welcome email is sent upon joining the referral program.

  • Notification for earning a reward: An email is sent to the referrer when they earn a reward for a successful referral.


  • Notification of Invitation Email: This is sent when a referrer invites their friends.

  • Email Notification for Friend’s Reward Claim: This is sent when a friend claims a reward.

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