Referral Landing Page

This is a specific page on your website dedicated to explaining your referral program. It helps customers easily understand the benefits of the program. The URL you provided is where customers can learn more about your referral program The referral page serves as a login portal for existing customers. Upon logging in with their email address, customers receive a referral link which they can share with their friends and family via email. This referral link is provided instantly upon login. Additionally, customers have the option to share this link on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Customization of referral landing page

The referral landing page provides the option to customize all fields and text. It also includes a feature that allows for the translation of English characters into the user’s native language.

The referral landing page also includes a feature that allows it to be styled according to the store's theme. By utilizing the provided CSS options, users can optimize the style and font color of the landing page.

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