Getting Started with Shopjar

Setting up referral and Affiliate Marketing with Shopjar app

Shopjar: Referral and Affiliate Marketing

Shopjar simplifies the management of referral and affiliate marketing programs for your Shopify store. This comprehensive manual serves as a step-by-step guide to help you unleash the full potential of Shopjar.


Install and enable Shopjar in the theme of your Shopify store to effectively automate your referral and affiliate marketing.

Referral Program

As a first step, create your referral program.

Then you can configure the referral program based on business needs by customizing various elements.

Even after setting up a referral program, you can edit or update it as needed.


A referrer is an existing customer of the Store. They are part of the Store's referral program. Their role is to introduce new customers to the store. They do this by logging into their Referral landing page, obtaining a unique referral link, and sharing it with friends and family.

Friend (Referee)

A friend, or referee, is someone who has received a referral link from a referrer. They can use this link to visit the store for the first time. As a reward for using the referral link, they receive a coupon code in the Reward claim popup that they can use for their first purchase at the store.

In the referral program, both the referrer and the friend are rewarded. The friend gets a discount on their first purchase at the store, and the referrer gets a reward or coupon code for their next purchase once the referral is successful. This encourages both existing and new customers to engage with the store.

A unique referral link and code are assigned to each referrer upon their addition. These referral links will help to keep track of the sales pursued by the referrer.

These referral links can be accessed by admin as well as by referrers. This allows for easy tracking and management of the referral program.


Afflr enables real-time tracking of Coupons and Referral Link that can help you be informed about the real-time key metrics


ShopJar provides advanced settings to make your referral program efficient and also offers provisions to change reward and coupon code settings.

Additionally, you can also enable email notifications for important updates and then customize emails with your content and logo.

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