A referral landing page for the referrer and a reward claim pop-up for the referred new customers.

  1. Reward Claim Pop-up: This is a pop-up that appears when a person, who has been referred to your store, visits it using the referral link. It’s a way to incentivize the referred person to make their first purchase by offering them a reward.

  2. Referral Landing Page: This is a specific page on your website dedicated to explaining your referral program. It helps customers easily understand the benefits of the program. The URL you provided is where customers can learn more about your referral program.

  3. Thank You Page Widget: This is a feature that showcases the unique referral URL to your existing customers after they make a purchase. It appears on the ‘Thank You’ page and encourages your customers to refer their friends to your store.

  4. Referral Widget: This is a customizable, chat-like pop-up that helps customers easily discover your referral program while they are browsing your store.

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