Reward Claim Pop-up

This is a pop-up that appears when a person, who has been referred to your store, visits it using the referral link. It’s a way to incentivize the referred person to make their first purchase by offering them a reward. This is a mandatory option for new customers. Any new customer using it will be redirected to the store, where they will enter their email address. After verifying the email address, the new customer will instantly receive a coupon that they can use for a purchase. within the pop-up

Please note that the reward is mandatory because it helps track the referrer who referred them. Enabling this pop-up is mandatory. After a successful referral, the customers will receive a reward for their next purchase. Here are the steps to enable the reward claim Pop-up. Go to Shopify Dashboard -> Referral -> Branding and Popups -> Enable the reward claim pop-up

Customization of reward claim Pop-up

Every text and prompt is customizable. You can also add custom CSS to change the font and size of the text in the reward claim popup

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