Commission Approvals - Manual & Auto

Learn how to payout customers via manually in detail.

What is a manual payout in RefferalGo app ?

While paying commission (in $) for affiliates, we can pay manually via any payment method like googlepay, vendpay or we can pay as cash too. Once paid, we can mark/ reduce the paid amount via RefferalGo app.

To mark/ reduce paid commission:

Go to Shopify -> Apps (RefferralGo) -> Reports -> Payouts

Click on "Pay" button

Then from the pop-up, we can either pay as commission directly or as coupon.

Amount - enter the amount, you are paying out here.

Comments - we can add description for affiliates while giving payouts and affiliate can view it from Affiliate Dashboard or via Email

Coupon - If we give the amount as coupon, affiliates can use it in his future orders and affiliate can view the coupons from Affiliate Dashboard or via Email. (enable this checkbox only if required)

ie.., we can either manually payout in $ or as coupon.

To pay commission automatically:

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