Customise Commission

Learn how to customise commission for an Affiliate program depending on the requirements of the program A commission incentivizes affiliates to bring in new customers or sales. It is important to off

Types of Commission for Affiliate Programs

  1. Fixed commission for each sale

  2. Percentage commission on each affiliate sale

Key Aspects of Commission Customization

Commission Type

Decide the type of Commission you’d like to offer. You can choose from two Commission types:

  • Percentage commission on each affiliate sale - Affiliates receive a certain percentage of the sales as commission. Example: 10% of the affiliate sale

  • Fixed commission for each sale - Affiliates receive a predetermined fixed amount as commission regardless of sales volume. Example: $5 for each affiliate sale

Commission Value

Set the value of the Commission based on the type you choose.

Conditions (Optional)

Set up additional conditions for a person to claim this reward. Useful when you would like to offer different rewards to affiliates based on certain criteria.

Example: 1. John gets a 10% commission on the sale, while Smith gets 20% on the sale.

Example: 2. Affiliates get 5% commission on sales if their total number of referrals is less than 20 and 10% of their total referrals are greater than 20

Include / Exclude members

Limit this commission tier to selected members or exclude certain members from this tier.

Reward validity period (optional)

This is optional. You can set when this reward goes live and ends.

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