Affiliate get 10% commission on each sale

Learn how to reward your affiliates with 10% commission on each affiliate sale

Who are Affiliates ?

Affiliates are influencers who are promoting your site/ products in your site and earn commission for each sale completed by customers. Hence, both affiliates and site owners can be benefited from doing so.

Let's see how to create 10% commission for each affiliate sale for Affiliates using the ReferralGo app.

Navigate to Shopify -> Apps -> ReferralGo -> Programs(Affiliate) -> Create a reward

After clicking on "Create a reward" button, just add the title and choose the reward type from the Drop-down and save the rule.

Example: Refer a person and get "10% commission" on each affiliate sale

Now, let's see how to create this 10% commission Affiliate reward in detailed steps.

Step 1: Add title for the affiliate reward and choose the reward type as "Percentage commission on each affiliate sale"

Step 2: Enter the value as 10% and "Save" it.

Step 3: Now, we have successfully created a 10% commission Reward for Affiliate.

How to be an affiliate using ReferralGo app ?

Existing/ new customer can requests to be an affiliate to your site via Affiliate Registration Form.

How to approve your affiliates as a site owner?

Navigate to Shopify -> Apps -> ReferralGo -> Members -> Pending approval -> you can change the affiliate status as "Approved" using the "Edit" option.

Once, the affiliates has been approved by admin, for administrators/ store owners the affiliate dashboard will look like:

Now, affiliates can get their affiliate link via Email or from Affiliate Dashboard.

For example:

Let's see how to test this 10% commission on each affiliate as a new customer:

Once the Affiliate link is shared to their friends, he/she can use the affiliate link and place an order.

Once a customer completed an order using the affiliate link, affiliates will get 10% commission based on customers customer's order total.

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