Creating an Affiliate Signup form

Let us learn how to create and customize the affiliate registration form.

Why Affiliate Registration Form?

This form allows people to apply to become a member of your affiliate program. It also helps you capture the details of the potential affiliate members, review their application and approve them. It will also be helpful to recruit influencers, brand ambassadors and manage them effectively.

Customizing the Affiliate Registration Form:

You can also Customize the Affiliate Registration Form.

Navigate to the Programs Tab -> Affiliate -> Branding -> Affiliate Registration Form-> Customize.

You can click on the “Customize” option and it will take you to the settings of the form.

You will be able to see the “default affiliate request form template”.

And, if the default template is quite usual, please know that you can customize it. Click on the Customize button.

You can customize the following using the Customize option:

  1. Title and Description: You can always go for a definite title and edit the description for Customer’s easy appeal.

  1. Input fields: You can specify the required input from the user who is trying to become an affiliate member. You can also mark the required fields (to be filled mandatorily by the customer) like name, email, etc by checking the “Required Field” checkbox.

  1. Promotion: Here you can include questions on ways customers would like to promote your store/program.

  1. Social Media: You can set the social media share options here.

  1. Request Button: You can change the background color , text and text color of the Request Button.

  2. Image Url: You can change the image and add the link here if needed.

  1. Additional Info: Here you can add any additional information you would like the customers to know.

Now, If you’re looking for a way to let customers access this page in a single click on your store, you will have to add it to the menu.

Let us see how to add this page to the Menu:

Navigate to the Online Store-> Navigation-> and click on the Main Menu.

Here you will see the list of menu items. To add this “Affiliate Request Form” Page to the list, please click on ‘add menu item’ found at the bottom.

Next, you will have to enter a NAME and paste the url of the Form / Page you’re trying to add.

(Note: This url can be copied from the “Affiliate request form page settings”)

Please Save the settings and you can see that this page is added to the list of menu items.

A Brand New Customized Affiliate Request Form is displayed.

Enjoy the view :)

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