Learn how to create affiliate program and how does it work in detail.

What is an Affiliate Program ?

Affiliate program involves promoting your site/ products in your site using an affiliate link. By doing so, affiliates will earn a commission for each sale.

In simple, as a site owner we are letting affiliates/ an influencer to promote, sell our products and paying them a commission for each sale promoted by them.

In this doc, let's learn about how to create an affiliate program for your Shopify store and see how does it work in detail.

How to create an Affiliate Reward via ReferralGo app ?

Example: Creating a 10% commission reward for each affiliate sale.

Step 1: Go to Shopify -> Apps -> ReferralGo -> Programs(Affiliate) -> Create a reward

Step 2: Add title, create a 10% commission reward and save it.

The reward can be either coupon or as commission and we can add additional conditions for the Reward if required.

Now, we have successfully created a 10% commission reward for affiliates.

After creating an affiliate reward, as an admin or store owner we have to make sure that the following sections/ settings are configured:

  • Settings

  • Affiliate Registration Form

  • Emails

  • Affiliate Dashboard.


Go to Shopify -> choose ReferralGo app -> Settings -> General -> from Manage Programs -> enable Referral toggle and save the changes.

Then from Affiliate settings tab:

Using social share option, affiliates can share their affiliate URL to their network of followers from affiliate dashboard.

Reward approval option: set this to Auto if you would like the coupon/ commission to be approved automatically. If we choose Manual, then as an admin we have to manually approve the coupon/ commission earned by affiliates.

Enable option to convert payout as coupon: while enabling this toggle, the payout amount can be converted as coupon by affiliates in Affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Registration Form:

To enable this form as an admin, go to Shopify -> choose RefferalGo app -> Programs -> Affiliate -> scroll down to Branding section

To enable and further customise the affiliate registration form click on "Customize" option.

Click here to know about Affiliate Registration Form and how to further customise it.


To enable emails, go to Shopify -> choose RefferalGo app -> Programs -> Affiliate -> scroll down to Emails section

To enable and further customise emails click on "Edit" option.

Click here to know about emails and how to enable/ disable emails or further customise different emails.

Affiliate Dashboard:

To enable affiliate dashboard,

  • Go to ReferralGo app -> choose Settings -> General -> Scroll down to "Advocate / Affiliate dashboard" section and copy the URL

  • Then, go to Online Store -> Navigation -> click on "Main menu"

  • Then, click on "Add menu item" -> give a "Name" and paste the affiliate dashboard URL here, click on "Add" and save the page.

Click here to know about how to enable affiliate dashboard and how to further customise it.

Now, let's see how to test this created Affiliate Reward:

Step 1: How new customers will become an affiliate ?

As a new user, your customers should make a request to become an affiliate via Affiliate request form.

Here is a screenshot of Affiliate request form:

Once the request has been sent by customers, as an admin we can approve/ reject the affiliate request.

Step 2: Accepting the customer's request as an admin.

To approve the request go to Shopify -> choose ReferralGo app -> Members tab -> from the three dots choose "Pending Approval"

From this members tab, we can accept customers requests to be an affiliate.

Let's say we have approved this customer's request to be affiliate.

Step 3: Getting my Affiliate Link and sharing it to my friends.

As an affiliate I can get my affiliate URL from affiliate dashboard and share it to my network of followers.

Step 4: Let's say I have shared my affiliate link to my network of followers.

Now, one of my follower is placing an order using my affiliate link.

Step 5: Screenshot of my follower (referred customer by affiliate) placing an order.

Step 6: Order has been succesfully placed by my follower.

Now, as an affiliate I will earn 10% commission for this order placed by one of my follower.

Here is the screenshot of affiliate dashboard confirming that I have earned 10% commission:

As an affiliate, I can confirm that from Reward History tab of affiliate dashboard (scroll down from the affiliate dashboard)

Affiliates will be notified the same via email too.

Screenshot of "Notify when an affiliate earns a reward / commission" email:

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