Managing your Affiliate Program members

Learn how to manage affiliates members in detail.

In this guide, let's see the below sections in detail:

  • How influencers will make request ?

  • How to approve/ reject the request ?

  • How affiliates can get their URL once the request has been approved ?

Click here to know about how to create/ manage Affiliate Signup form

Once the Affiliate Signup form gets published, people can apply to become an affiliate via this form.

Step 1: How an influencer will make a request via Affiliate Registration Form ?

As an influencer, customers have to make request to become an affiliate via Affiliate request form.

Once the necessary field are filled and request has been sent by customers, as an admin we can approve/ reject the affiliate request.

Step 2: How influencer's request has been approved ?

As an admin, we can approve request via two ways:

  • Either Members tab

  • Or from Dashboard (for quick access)

To approve request from Members tab:

Go to Shopify -> Apps -> ReferralGo -> choose Members tab -> from three dots choose Pending Approval.

From here, we can approve/ reject affiliate request.

Also, we can review their application before approving from Profile's tab.

To approve request from Dashboard:

Go to Shopify -> Apps -> RefferalGo -> Dashboard

From Affiliate Metrics -> Recent Activities -> Pending Applications -> click on "Review".

Now, you will redirected to members tab and from here, we can approve/ reject affiliate request as shown like above.

Once we approve affiliates request, affiliate link will get enabled per customer.

Note: As an administrator, we can approve/ reject or disable affiliate request anytime.

Step 3: How affiliate can get their affiliate URL ?

To know more about advocate/ affiliate dashboard, click here.

From site front end via advocate/ affiliate dashboard, affiliate can get and share URL to their network of followers.

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