Creating a Referral Dashboard in storefront

Learn how to create advocate/ affiliate dashboard to see their earned rewards, referrals, referral sales and commissions.

Let's see What is an Advocate Dashboard and how to create it using ReferralGo app.

What is an Advocate/ Referral Dashboard ?

In advocate dashboard, existing customers can get/ share their referral link to their friends. Also, in advocate dashboard, we can view the earned total sales, total rewards, earned Rewards and keep a track of referral program.

How to create advocate/ referral dashboard ?

Step 1: Go to ReferralGo app -> choose Settings -> General

Step 2: Scroll down to "Advocate / Affiliate dashboard" section and copy the URL for creating advocate dashboard from settings tab.

Step 3: Go to Online Store -> Navigation -> click on "Main menu"

Step 4: Then, from the "Main menu" items -> click on "Add menu item" -> from the pop-up give a "Name" for the advocate dashboard page and paste the advocate dashboard URL here and click on "Add"

Step 5: Once the "Advocate Dashboard" gets added to the Main menu items, click on "Save"

Now, the advocate dashboard will get successfully created on store front.

To view the created Advocate Dashboard:

Click on "view your online store"

Then, from store front end, we can view this advocate dashboard page.

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