Creating a referral landing page

Learn how to easily create a referral landing page that displays the referral URL.
Let’s learn more about this referral landing page's purpose and functionality.
What is a referral landing page?
A referral landing page is for the referral program, you can also create in your store and display. That makes it simple for customers to find the page and get the referral url. You can invite a friend and obtain the referral URL from this page.
When you clicked customize, the landing page settings appeared, as seen below.
You will see the default page, if you think it is usual then you can customize.
For customization there are following options available.
1) Gusset view (non-logged in viewers)
You can make your title and description as attractive as you want. This increases the customer's interest in your page.
You can keep the text here so that customers know what to enter in the required field.
If necessary, you can change the text and color of the button.
There are several options available, including; Description Text, Description Text Color, Link Text, Link Text Color, and Redirection Link.
You can change the image and add an image url here.
2) Logged-In Customers View:
Similar to the "Gusset view (non-logged in viewers)," you can customize the content, color, and images in the following section.
Do you want to add this page to the menu to make it simpler for customers?
So that the customer can simply click the page and make use of it.
Navigate to the Online store > Navigation > Main menu
When you click, you will be taken to a page where you can enter a name and a link.
Note: Link is taken from the "Referral Landing page”.
When you add and save the menu, the Page will be appeared as per the below screenshot: