Free Product / Free Gift as Referral Rewards

Learn how to create a Free Product Referral Reward for Friend in a few simple steps.

Let's see how to create a Free Product Referral Reward using the RefferralGo app.

Navigate to Shopify -> Apps -> ReferralGo -> Programs(Referral) -> Create a reward

After clicking on "Create a reward" button, choose who gets this reward from the pop-up.

Let's take a quick look at the definition of an “Advocate" and "Friend" and how they are rewarded.


  1. The referrer is an advocate and also an exciting customer

  2. After successful referral advocate will earn a reward.

When an advocate shared a link and a friend used that link to make a purchase, both the advocate and the friend will receive a reward.


  1. A Friend is a new customer

  2. A new customer will make a purchase using the referral URL and code/ Reward.

After a successful referral occurred for Friend, advocate will receive a reward.

Here is an example: Friend will get a Free Product "Black Leather Bag". Now, let's see how to create this Free Product referral reward in detailed steps.

Step 1: From create a reward "Pop-up" -> choose Friend -> click on "Create"

Step 2: Give a title for the Reward and choose the type of reward as "Free Product". Using "Choose the product" button, we can choose any of the product from store.

Step 3: After choosing a free product, click on "Save"

You can have the minimum requirement like purchase amount and other check boxes if required.

Also, while creating a Friend Reward, we can notice that "First Order" condition is selected by default. This is to make sure that only new customers are getting referral reward.

Step 4: Now, we have successfully created a Free Product Reward for Friend.

Let's see how to test this Free Product Reward as Friend:

Once the referral link is shared to friends, he/she can use the referral link and from the "Claim your reward!" popup, friend can add their email ID and click on "Claim reward"

As soon as friend clicks on the "Claim reward" option, Friend can claim his "Free Product Reward"

Here is the screenshot of checkout page showing Free Product Reward:

Likewise, we can create a Free Product Reward for Advocate too if required.

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