Percentage based referral programs - You get 10%, your friend gets 10%

Learn how to create Percentage Reward based referral program. Give 10% Get 10%.

Here are some quick instructions for creating an advocate reward.

Navigate to Shopify -> Apps -> ReferralGo -> Programs(Referral) -> Create a reward

Let's take a quick look at the definition of an “Advocate” and how they are rewarded.

  1. The referrer is an advocate and also an exciting customer

  2. A successful referral will earn this reward.

When an advocate shared a link and a friend used that link to make a purchase, both the advocate and the friend will receive a reward.

You have two options: As an “Advocate'' and a “Friend”

It is quite easy to create a rule.

Simply enter the page, add the title, then select the reward type from the drop-down menu and enter the value.

Although the "condition" section is optional, you can also set the conditions, based on that the reward will be given.

To understand more effectively, let's look at a simple example.

Example: Refer a friend and get a 10% discount.

Create Referral Rewards for “Advocate”

Let's see how to test the rule.

Step 1:

When a customer visits the Referral Landing Page and enters their name and email address, they are added as a member (advocate).

Once you've signed up, you can invite your friends and copy the URL to send to them.

When you enter your friend's name and invite them, they will receive a gift.

Something like this:

Alternative method: The store owner can also copy the URL from the member page and distribute it directly via social media.

Step 2:

A reward pop-up will appear once your friend has logged in using the provided URL.

To collect your reward, enter your email address.

You will receive a reward, which you can redeem in the coupon section to receive a discount.

Step 3:

If your friend used those coupons and made the order, the advocate will receive an email with a discount for the referral.

Then the advocate can copy the coupon code, validate it in the shopping cart, and receive a discount.

Similarly, you can create (10%) Percentage Reward for Friend too.

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