Creating tiered rewards for Advocates/ Referrers

Learn how to create tiered referral rewards for advocates in detail.

Let's take a scenario:

I'm giving tiered Rewards for Advocates based on Friends spent amount.

  • Get 10% off Reward if Friend spends $100

  • Get 20% off Reward if Friend spends $200

  • Get 30% off Reward if Friend spends $300 and so on...

By creating so, if Friend spends more, Advocate will earn more.

For offering tiered rewards, you need to create separate Rewards for differing subtotal ranges and percentage reward.

To create such Rewards:

Navigate to Shopify -> Apps -> ReferralGo -> Programs(Referral) -> Create a reward

After clicking on "Create a reward" button, choose who gets this reward from the pop-up.

I'm choosing "Advocate" here and clicking on "Create" button.

Scenario 1:

Reward 1 -> Get 10% off Reward if Friend spends $100

  • Give a Title for the Reward "Friend spends $100, get 10% off for Advocate"

  • Choose the Reward type as Percentage and set 10% (The Reward type can be Fixed Discount or Free Product based on your choice).

  • Using "Add condition" option -> add two additional condition (Each referral order value should be) and cap the values

  • Each referral order value should be - refers to the total order value of Friend's cart.

Scenario 2:

Reward 2 -> Get 20% off Reward if Friend spends $200

  • Set the percentage discount as 20 and add two additional conditions and cap the values.

Similarly, we need to create separate Rewards for each ranges.

How this works ?

Let's say a Friend completed an order by spending greater than $100, using the referral link and code.

As soon as the Friend completed his first purchase with greater than $100, advocate will earn 10% reward.

As you can see, using my referral URL -> a Friend spent $138. Hence I have earned a 10% Reward.

Likewise based on Friends spent amount/ total order amount, we will earn different Percentage Reward respectively.

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