Email Notifications

Learn the available email notifications for referral in ReferralGo app and how to customise it.
There are 4 email template available in ReferralGo app for Referral. The emails are:
  • Notify after an referral sale (sent after a successful referral driven sale) -> will be sent to store Administrators, once a new customer/ Friend completes his first purchase using the referral URL and code.
  • Invitation Email (sent when advocates invite their friends) -> will be sent to Friends when advocates invite their friends
  • Email when a friend claims a reward -> will be sent to friend while friend claims a referral reward.
  • Email when advocate earns a reward for successful referral -> will be sent once an advocate earns a reward, after friend completes his first purchase.
For example, here is a screenshot of Invitation Email:
Likewise, this email content might vary based on the action customer's performing/ based on email template.
How to customise the above emails ?
Step 1: Go to ReferralGo app -> Programs
Step 2: scroll down to Emails section -> click on "Edit"
Step 3: Then, we can customise the info's in template.
The info that are customisable are:
  • Image
  • Subject of the email
  • Title
  • Message
  • Button
  • Footer
Using the show more option, you can change image in templates and use available shortcodes per template and customise each section separately and save it.
How to enable/ disable the emails ?
Using this toggle, we can enable/ disable each template and save the changes.