Enable Referral Popup for Referral Campaigns

Learn how to display an attractive Reward Claim Pop-up on your store with these simple steps.
Are you looking to improve the look of your coupon pop-up? Right, that will be quite catchy.
Let us know what this Reward Claim Pop-up is and when it appears.
  • When a friend (referred person) visits your store using the referral url, the popup appears.
  • They can enter their mail ID and obtain a voucher via that pop-up.
  • This will be helpful when you want to give the friend a reward for making their first purchase.
How can I make this popup more attractive and active?
Navigate to Referral > Branding > Reward Claim Pop-up > Customize
You will see the “status” and the default “popup” template. Additionally, the popup's appearance can be customized if you prefer.
When you start customization, you will see the following 4 options in both "Step 1" and "Step 2."
STEP 1: Before entering Email Id pop-up:
  1. 1.
Do you feel it will be even better if you have your preferred colour?
Then change it to your desired as per the screenshot and make it more attractive than usual.
Note: Steps 1 and 2 will have the same color if you modify the color in either step.
  1. 2.
You can edit the content, change the text's color, and add emojis to make the popup more impressive.
  1. 3.
You can enable this option and alter the text if you need prompt text.
  1. 4.
Customize the text and colour.
STEP 2: After entering an email address pop-up.
  1. 1.
    You can modify the popup's colour in accordance with step 1.
  2. 2.
    Title and Subtitle: Customize the text and colour.
3) Coupon: Customize the text and colour.
4) Copy:
You can activate and modify the text and color of the prompt message if you like to see it displayed.
The popup will change once you update and save.
Obtain a referral link, then use that link to visit your store to see the pop-up.
Note: You can get referral links from the Referral Landing Page, or the advocate dashboard.
You will receive the reward after entering your email address.
You can then copy that coupon code and use it to receive a discount.