Managing Affiliate Sales

Learn how to track the affiliate sales in detail.

This guide will show where affiliates and administrator can track their sales, where to get detailed reports and how to track sales, commissions and payouts using ReferralGo app.

As an administrator or site owner, we can track affiliate sales in the following sections:

  • Members

  • Sales

  • Reports (Affiliate Rewards and Payouts)

Let's see these three sections one by one in detail.


Navigate to Shopify -> choose ReferralGo app -> Members tab -> from three dots choose Affiliate

Then, we can search using the affiliate name or email address here.

Your affiliate coupons - here we can assign the coupon for friends/ customers of affiliates.

As you can see in the above dashboard, we can get detailed reported per affiliates like their total sales, earned rewards, their payout and manage their profile as site admin.


Navigate to Shopify -> choose ReferralGo app -> Sales tab -> choose Affiliate

Then from affiliate's option, we can track the orders placed by affilates using the earned Reward/ coupon.

Reports (Affiliate Rewards):

Navigate to Shopify -> choose ReferralGo app -> Reports tab -> choose Affiliate rewards

Here we can the orders placed by affiliates, coupon earned/ used by them, via whom affiliates have earned a Reward, change the status earned Rewards if required and so on...

Reports (Payouts):

Navigate to Shopify -> choose ReferralGo app -> Reports tab -> choose Payouts

Using the "Pay" option, we can pay commissions to affiliates and via the "View History" option, we can track the commission transaction history per affiliates.

Now, let's see how affiliates can track their own sales and commission:

While affiliates are logged in to your site, they can track it via the "Affiliate Dashboard"

From site, click on Affiliate Dashboard.

Affiliate Dashboard will look like:

Part 1:

Part 2:

From this dashboard, affiliates can track their earned, used rewards and commissions and keep a track of their sales.

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